Wow, this old thing brings back memories... I wrote this 15 years ago, before I went to college. You can tell by all of the spelling and grammar mistakes. I am too busy (lazy) to go through fixing it or re-writing it, so it is here as is, provided you don't make fun of me. :)

Basic Radio For Newbs:


My name is Christophor Ronk and my callsign is KC6WTA. I am located out of Bakersfield, Ca. I am starting an online tutorial for new hams to aid in the understanding of our hobby. If you see something that is in error please contact me at the email address below.

my callsign at chrisronk dot net


Basic Theory

Radio sine wave theory

Basic Ohms Law

Radio Etiquette

How repeaters work


Works in Progress: (These are not yet done and are just listed for testing)





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