Hams are not oblivious to the advantages of the internet. There are IGATES on the APRS network. These stations upload the APRS messages they hear to an online database. This database can be queried by anyone even without a license. APRS works everywhere, even in areas that have no cell coverage. If the APRS message is received by someone miles away that has an internet connection, others can tell where you are at. You want to give it a try? You can see where I am at here. You can tell where I am, and where others are near me. It works very well.

That station above has no radio connected to it. Any licensed ham can access the APRS network over the internet with no expensive equipment to buy. Mobile stations can see where you are at because the local IGATE stations will

Non-Computer Stations

A computer is not required for position reporting. Kits are sold that interface a GPS unit to a radio without a computer. The kits cost around $35 and are easy to assemble. One kit is found here. That kit works well if one already owns a small handheld he can dedicate to APRS. Most people do not however. They also have a kit that has a built-in FM transmitter with it. This costs $100 and is located here.

With the Microtraker all that is needed is a GPS device. One can be had for $65 here.

So there you have it:


GPS---------- $65

Magmount 2 meter anteanna--$30

Total Price $200 +-

That is all that is required to track a vehicle nation wide.



Basic hardware for a PC-based system would be a computer running APRS software, a 2 meter radio, and a TNC.


For a cheap TNC Kit Go here:

For software, you can use UI-View:


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